I've been told I go above and beyond to get the picture.  Thanks to my wonderful wife Pam, there's evidence to support that! 


What others are saying:

"One of the best shooters I ever worked with."  - Lonnie Schlein, New York Times, National Picture Editor

"He is the best in the industry right now and I can't wait to see what he photographs next"  - Jannie Huang, Co-owner Little Green Pickle, Co-founder FEAST

Educational and Professional Background:

  • 1980: Bachelor of Journalism - University of Missouri 
  • 1982-2002: Contract Photographer for The New York Times in the Atlanta Bureau
  • 2002-present: Food, Corporate and Portrait Photographer

A Little History

I fell hopelessly in love with photography when I was barely 10 years old.  I spent the next several years annoying family and friends alike by constantly taking their pictures.  One degree in journalism, 20 years of working for the New York Times and 15 years as a food, corporate and portrait photographer later, I still annoy family and friends by taking their picture!  And I'm still hopelessly in love with photography.  If you are as passionate about what you do as I am about photography, I hope you will consider me to capture and communicate your passion into photographs.